božica dea matasić
Trading Sculpture for a Car

7th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptotheque, Zagreb, 2003

At the 7th Triennial of Croatian sculpture in the year 2003, Božica Dea Matasić introduced herself with an ironically designed work called Trading Sculpture for a Car. This conceptual-sculpting installation consists of a billboard with many ads about selling used cars - the exception is one in which she promotes her offer to trade her sculpture for a car - and the above-mentioned sculpture exhibited in front of it. The author made a lucid joke with today's' art market, which with its exceptionally problematic system of values and chaos often belittles artistic creativity and adds to the frustrations of artists themselves. In some imaginary and completely utopist scenery, at the end of the show instead of the sculpture in front of the billboard, there could have been a car, which, unfortunately, did not happen.

billboard 500 x 280 cm, sculpture 250 x 80 x 80 cm