božica dea matasić

Maksimir Lake, Zagreb, 2002

A mobile group of sculptures Sleepwalkers is a reinterpretation of works from the exhibition Challenge of Light. Conceptual assumptions, however, here are completely different; the organic forms of smooth, tense volumes float on the surface of the water carried by the wind and the waves. Invisible anchorage keeps them together at the center of the lake. Metallised membranes of the sculptures reflect the surroundings and the surface of the lake, which at the same time mirror their reflections. Kaleidoscope fickleness of these images of merging, slowly captures the attention of the viewer leading it to daydream.

Project Acupuncture included works by ten artists; land art interventions, objects, installations, sculptures and performances. Possible new promenades were offered to the visitors of the park, turning their visit into excursion with artistic experiences.

epoxy resin, glass fabric, lacquer, steel cables, weights

Mobile group of sculptures, dimensions variable, diameter about 500 cm