božica dea matasić

11th Croatian Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptotheque HAZU, Zagreb, 2006

The work Link connects the real Triennial exhibition space with the virtual space of the author's web page. The most common exhibition practice of artists on review exhibitions is investing a large amount of effort and money (without fees to artists themselves) where personal expression is in the function of collective. In this context the work Link is sort of a counter-balance and the reversal of existing relations; the infrastructure of the Triennial is used as the medium to promote one author with minimal financial investments. Technical production enhances the concept described above; metal plate with pedestal - the physical object - is perforated with a sign that in the void of the defined physical object acts on a level of a mutually agreed sign that represents a guidepost from the real into the virtual space.

Recognition of the jury of 9th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture