božica dea matasić
The Contract

XIIth Croatian Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptotheque HAZU, Zagreb, 2015

Božica Dea Matasić discusses private space, or, to be more precise, social implications which mirror in specific life situation. [...]she is exhibiting real life space, stylized around 50 square feet of her apartment whose floor is covered by the contract about the loan in Swiss francs. Life and small living space are determined by the debt, which is, thanks to the growth of exchange rate, not decreasing but increasing its payment, suggesting the nightmare worth of Kafka's novel, script in which the solution escapes, and the discomfort, which Freud analyzes according to german word unheimlich, as the feeling of one's distance from his home, fulfills us completely in our very home.

[...]the interior made by Božica Dea Matasić highlights the space as the most important determinate of our conscience as well as our everyday life[...] By the interaction with this work we are invited to become aware of some social problems, but in a discrete way, with prominent aesthetic and contemplative actions and without offensive pretensions on artistic activism.

From the preface of the catalogue, Feđa Gavrilović

Print on tarpaulin, painted styrofoam beams

6,1 x 8,6 x 2,5 m6,1 x 8,6 x 2,5 m