božica dea matasić

Arena centar, Zagreb, 2015

The Mediator is a mobile art intervention that brings multiple symbolism of nature, movement and dynamic balance in the area of the mall. It is part of the project marking the fifth anniversary of the Arena Center that was done in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Artists. It is located in the vertical space between the first and second floor in the middle of Slavonia square, which is also the center, or a kind of a heart of Arena Center.

By the oval shapes that are in constant slow movement elements of the mobile resemble fingers showing in all directions. They do it in a gentle and meditative manner which through a new visual sensation offer the visitors possibility of temporary detachment from the bustle. These moments, while they, during the transit or leaning on a fence, look at slowly moving green 'grass' surface act as a like a little break, rest, and refresh before continuing to move through the mall and consuming its content. As the offer of foods and surrounding shops meet some needs of visitors, so the Mediator mobile meets the need for detachment, contemplation, and respite. The association of nature or green field contributes to this impression, and lateral red accents, combining with the movement, bring liveliness and dynamism in the whole composition.

Slavonija as green plain is presented with the print of grassy surface. The motive of grass for this purpose was especially digitally designed in relation to the contour lines of the flat elements. By its illusion of conical shape (and vividness) elements of Mediator partly refer to the content from the top floor bowling alley and corresponding artistic treatment of the fronts. The movement of elements occurs as a result of air flow that is always present in vertical space between floors.

This mobile is made from ecological materials - solid and lightweight falconboard plates. The entire composition recalls growth and vegetation, and all its elements are designed on the principle of the golden section.

The Mediator is designed as the central of three art installations. The name means the one who is in the middle, which links. Nowadays mediation, as an intervention represents a peaceful and non-violent finding agreement, dialogue and balance between multiple parties. Given the numerous and diverse content that Arena Center offers, and new artistic elements that came in it, Mediator mobile represents balance and dynamic communication of all the listed facilities.

Object of variable dimensions in the range of 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 m

Falconboard plates, stainless steel cables, and rotational suspension, metal structures, print on sticker foil