božica dea matasić
Bottomless Bag

T-ht, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2016

General mania of buying, owning and accumulating proved to be emphasized tendency of modern man. Desires are multiplying, besiege us, the media assures us that particular product or service will make us happy, beautiful, successful ... We are constantly missing something. If deprivation is what ultimately leads to excess, then what is it that we really miss? Is substitution of satisfying the real needs with the shopping completely wrong? Can we ever get enough, or we become addicted? Bottomless bags.

Paper bag with its logo makes us walking advertisements. In addition that we have left our time, energy and money to one of mega-corporations, even after we leave the store we are still in their service.

Contour lines of the oversized bag are reduced to a kind of black skeleton sugesting combustion and prison in which consumerism can catch us.

freestanding object, construction of iron pipes painted with black lacquer

h 4 m, w 2,5 m, d 1,14 m, ø 3,5 x 3,5 cm