božica dea matasić
The Žarko Kaić Memorial

First award at the competition for the preliminary sculptural and architectural project

Co-authors; Visual artist Božica Dea Matasić, Ar. Bernarda Silov, Ar. Davor Silov

For the cameraman film frame is the shape through which he perceives, documents and reproduces the world. The ratio of television image in this work symbolically summarizes suffering of Žarko Kaić, Croatian TV cameraman who was killed while filming the war reportage near Osijek. Oversized frame, stopped in motion and fall, is rotated and partially buried in the mound. It is located in the visual intersection of roads that join the roundabout. It is set on a gentle diagonal in relation to the two dominant roads. Due to changing of perspective while driving, the impression of a quadrate passage occur. Through this transformation symbolism of the film frame connects with the symbolism of the quadrate as one of the elements of Croatian visual identity. The two-way slope is designed in combination with the gentle hill. The frame is partly buried in the mound, but although that part is not visible to the eye, we feel and we sense a whole. So the awareness of victims who are no longer with us should make a whole with our identity. The impression of a stopped fall gives to this work an extra dose of drama and dynamics.