božica dea matasić
The Tower of Views

40th Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium, Dubrova Park, Labin, 2016

The Tower of Views was created on the 40th edition of the Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium as one of the awards of XI. Croatian Sculpture Triennial. The author aproached the stone, as a traditional sculpture material, in untypical way, by including a component of building Istrian shepherd's houses. The sculpture is made of circular cut, halved plates in thirty layers. Through the gaps that are spreading from 10 cm on the one side, to 20 cm on the other side, visitors are offered the possibility of directed views to the cadres of the surrounding sculptures and nature of the park. Transparency and rhythm of the openings as well as shifts incurred by separating plates, not only offer multiple views but open many possible interpretations of the concept.

Stone, height 300 cm, diameter 170 cm