božica dea matasić
Bottomless Bags 1

Glyptotheque, Zagreb may 4th - may 15th 2017

Computer generated simulations are printed as large canvases, repeating the traditional formal pattern of painting. The structured rhythm of successive overlapping shapes in the perspective view of the contours of the consumer bags forms samples that evoke the imaginary views of some bare apocalyptic landscape. In the unstoppable multiplication of the perspectives and the thickening of the overlapping that ultimately breaks down the structural readability of the display, somewhere even to the full black, the fateful hopelessness is shown on the spiritual horizon of the observer.

Cycle of digital prints on canvas, computer simulation, virtual reality glasses

Dimensions: 7 pcs. 142 x 284, 6 pcs. 71 x 142, 1 pcs. 142 x 142 cm