božica dea matasić

Corporate building, corner of Vukovarska and Lučićeva street, 2008

The cycle of vitalist sculptures whose form suggests that of a phytomorphic elements in the state of no gravity or gigantic supernatant chromosomes, has been made after series of previous studies of curve shapes as symbols of organic life. The name Biophores, which was established after the work itself, carried within all of the suggestions above. Only after the subsequent checkup of the Ancient Greek expressions, I have discovered that the term Biophores was used at the end of the 18th century by scientists as a name for a former equivalent of today's chromosomes.

The work was created as a response to invite for the competition which had to solve cold geometric functionalism of interior in a newly purchased building. Since it has been designed as an intervention in contextualized ambient, or as sort of a reaction to space, this work can also be perceived as a site specific. Light but firm objects hung on metal cords are interpolated in extremely high space of an L-shaped layout. General impression of this sculptural intervention is dynamized, humanized and harmonized space.

Polystyrene, epoxy resin, glass fibers, putty, oil varnish, steel wire ropes

Nine objects, 300 to 600 cm in length