božica dea matasić
Touch Keepers

Nest Studio, Zagreb, 2011

Principles of seriality and repetition in this cycle author connects with a visible trace of final manual finishing of every piece. Somewhat nostalgic, as the title of this cycle suggests, she reaffirms tradition of old craft, manual work, resisting the idea of faceless, cold, mechanical perfection. With this series of sculptures - small white objects with emphasized biomorphic forms, the artist breaks her long- standing focus on large format works. Touch Keepers were initially created as sketches for park sculptures with ludic component- they invite people to touch them, rotate them, interact with them. Exhibiting works on white lightbox display suggests a sort of a laboratory for changeability of forms and spatial-visual sensations. Playing with the material stability of every single element/ object in this series, turns author's work into the tactile experience with an idea of overcoming the distance between the observer and work of art. Through dynamic variations of shapes, resembling chaining simple into complex organisms, the author gives a witty comment on evolution, while filling every organic-like piece with emphasized vitality. Usage of special polymer contributes to general organic impression and potentiates the effect of observing a species whose origin is hard to define.

acrystal, mixed media

group of interactive sculptures approx 70 x 70 x 500 cm