božica dea matasić

Karas Gallery, Zagreb, 2007

Contrary to today's proclaimed terror of industrial, faceless beauty which, created by mass media, spread through the globalized world, through this exhibition Božica Dea Matasić intensifies the natural course of things, including the process of human aging. To her, a wrinkle on the human face is a symbol which represents the measurement of life, that characteristic record of real people: family, friends, acquaintances. The author is primarily observing human species regardless the race, sex or age. The process of observing is captured by the photo camera; the pictures show close-ups of unedited details of faces, which give them almost naturalistic setting shown through frieze of black and white photos. It is like the evolution process has been sublimed: from the genetic code to cells as basic units of life, giving reality as well as the character of existence to faces, through traces and wrinkles, shapes and forms. Those wrinkles of life are reified inside the gallery through the curvy, elongated, graphite grey forms in three dimensions. In the series of guided lines of movements they show concise but the distinctive description of life as the process we all sub come to.

expanded polystyrene, acrystal, glass fibers, photographs

350 x 150 x 150 cm, 700 x 630 x 50 cm, 540 x 150 x 150 cm, photographs (60 pcs, 13 x 18 cm) 115 x 222 cm