božica dea matasić
Silent Water

Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, 2006

Silent Water is a multimedia ambient composed of elongated structures of pipe-like shapes, a video projection of animated curves, background sounds and dynamic lighting system. All those audio-visual elements carefully synchronized in their slow rhythm of motion, enhance meditative and contemplative nature of the exhibition.

Even though the gallery is divided into three separate identical spaces, the author treats them as one indivisible unit. Pipe-like structures emphasize the extraordinary width of space, suggesting a parallel movement to the visitor. At the same time, video projection which looms from the last room invites to a rectilinear movement through the entire ambient. During the visit, the senses are further occupied by dynamic lights and soothing sound. In the last room the substance will completely vanish, the only thing left will be her virtual version in the form of two-dimensional projection. This „vanishing" of the substance and her crossing over to the bodiless projection could metaphorically be explained as a certain passing from the state of consciousness to the field of unconscious, or from the everyday perception into contemplation. Through the interaction of integrated components of the overall setup, the Silent Water represents audio-visual therapeutic and meditative ambient which offers a possibility of temporal detachment from amplitudes of personal moods.

During the opening, the promotion of author's web page and series of graphic prints made during its development was held, both in synergy with designer Matthew Korlaet.

5 drainage pipes, each 25 m length, covered with bi-elastic fabric, hooks, nylon, dynamic lighting, projection of loop animation, original music, online website and 7 digital prints 100 x 50 cm

copyright soundtrack Samir Kadribašić

animation, website design and graphics coauthor Matej Korlaet