božica dea matasić
Silva Subterranea

St. Krševan Gallery, Šibenik, 2004

The term Silva subterranea (underground wood) comes from Ancient Greek mythology, and its variations appear in many historical religions and cults. It presents the metaphor of subconsciousness and collectively unconscious, as well as a real space of personal metamorphosis and initiation - the state in which we are permeated by the instinctive knowledge which is archetypal and timeless.

The exhibition Silva Subterranea was made partially as a reaction to the space of the St. Krševan Gallery, and partialy as the next step of author's research on the shape of an ellipse as a metamorphic passage between different states of conciousness. „Floating" objects, ovals with semi-transparent fabric painted on both sides, capture the viewers attention while at the same time they disable any long term fixation. Grayish-white structures in organical-geometric dialect are materialistic, but because of their semi-transparency, they also act as three-dimensional shadows which are almost impossible to focus. By that „deterioration" of sight at the attempt of focus, the tension is created, which can cause giving up on such attempt, or lead to resonance with the motive, i. e contemplation.

There are different meanings and interpretations of an ellipse, but first of all, it is a sign of passage from statical into dynamical. It represents permanent tension because it has two centers. It also reflects the disection of the first cell division. The term itself comes from greek elleipsis which means "the lack" and is opposite of perfect, static and unchangable. While trying to draw „concentric" smaller oval shapes into the ellipse, a peculiar distortion occurs; the bows become more pointy and the oval disappears. Iconographically, it represents the shape of consecrated; those who are „of both worlds". Pupils from the departed ones become eliptical...

MDF, cnc processing, bielastic fabric, acrylic

2 pcs. 200 x 100 x 8 cm, 2 pcs. 185 x 85 x 8 cm i 2 pcs.168 x 68 x 8 cm