božica dea matasić
Signs of Probability

Matrix Croatica Gallery, Zagreb, 2004

In Signs of Probability, Božica Dea Matasić keeps her interest for the treatment of the whole exhibition area. External shape, i.e format of every object, is identical, but the organic structures inside are diverse and transparent, enabling an impressive game of shadows on the walls and floors of the gallery. Project Signs of Probability in the words of its author came out of the „protocol of coincidence"- an interactive game in which she gathered the moments of lucidity while communicating with the environment. What distinguishes this exhibition from the rest of her projects is that in its core it contains a perplexity as the creative urge. Namely, the previous exhibition which she just had to transfer into this gallery space suddenly was sold out and the new one had to be created in a short period of time. Under the pressure of deadlines and creatively drained, she decided to let the creation of her new project come intuitively - by recognizing signs from her environment through the „protocol of coincidence". Signs of Probability were created by the selective choice of suggestions from the accomplices who became co-authors or participants in the creation of the exhibition. In the origin of these expressive abstract graphisms there are actually drab, accidentally created motives from the backgrounds of photographs. Visually they remind us of playing cards which are used for gambling or fortune telling. Glue marks which withdrew traces of the paper background have become an artistic element and the rest of insights were added to that initial idea.

The overall impression of shown cycle is a mark of personality which made this creative selection of observed fragments, but also of openness towards insights and suggestions of accomplices in the process. Signs of Probability therefore present a retrospective of many observations, discovering the new possibilities of the chosen fragments, their purification and opening to the new communication experience. Frozen by the moment of „internal silence" we can easily recognize foggy backgrounds with see through signs as metaphores of lucid moments or fragments of personal insights.

Plexiglas and print cuted satin stickers

8 pieces, 100 x 140 x 0,5 cm